From the Archives: Trike – sweeter than a Canadian lollipop (by Martin 1. May 2009)

Yesterday at the CF HQ a quite funny and a bit absurd thing happened.

The door phone rang and when answering, I was greeted with an enthusiastic voice saying: “Hi, we are three Canadians and we have something you can’t miss out”. Somewhat sceptical, I let them in, and before you could say “synth-rhythmbox-singing-with-accompanying tap dancing” a boy and a girl were doing just that. After their performance we made introductions. Trike, as the duo is called, told us how they had quit their dayjobs back in Vancouver to busk around and book shows and performances. A charming day-by-day living which would have made Jack Kerouac proud. They’ve been in Denmark for 5 days and had already performed at Stars in Vordingborg, a café in Århus and had a show at Stengade last night, booked as a result of just street performances. You gotta respect that. Trike have my warmest recommendations. Check ’em out for yourself: and



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