From the Archives: The streets come alive – CPH Distortion take over the city! (by Jessi-Q 28. May 2009)

I thought I’d spread the word about the incredible street and club festival, CPH Distortion which takes place next week all over Copenhagen. From June 3-7 there will be raves, art projects, block- and club parties with lotsa DJs and bands. In other words: Copenhagen is THE place to hang out if you want to be dancing in the street! Just to name a few of the bands: Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Messer Chups (crazy surf/garage from Russia, who has toured with Heavy Trash), Je m’appelle Mads, The Good The Bad, Troels Abrahamsen, Filur, When Saints Go Machine, Electro Juice, and sooo many more. This year we contribute to the fest with our own party kings – who else but Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. They will play at Distortion Dinner/1-Minute-Rave party at the water front under Knippelsbro on Saturday June 6th between 4-22 pm. The LA radio station VIVA radio will deliver DJs and you can buy dinner tickets for just 100 DKK. There will be a submarine, opening of the Knippelsbro-bridge, crazy rave AT the bridge for 1 minute…. Does this sound like a thing you shouldn’t miss?? For more details check either:



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