From the Archives: Snake & Jet’s go to China! (by Jessi-Q 5. August 2009)

The word is out around the globe about the astonishing Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. Not only is the renowned LA based radio show “Morning Becomes Electric” on KCRW playing tracks from the group’s second album, PEACE BOAT on a daily basis, but the album has also been well received on music blogs all over the world – which was also the case with the first album. In Denmark the band has toured with Beta Satan, Swedish band bob hund as well as on its own. At the CPH Distortion Festival the band got to play at an unconventional venue, namely a submarine in the harbour of Copenhagen. PEACE BOAT will be released is Germany in early September, but first up is an invitation to play in Beijing. Today Snake and Jet are digging through to the other side of the globe to play two Chinese shows at the end of the week. The main event is the InMusic Festival but the band will also do a warm up club gig at Mao Livehouse. Not many Danish bands have toured China and it’s due to a massive effort and hard work by especially the Danish China expert, Martin Røen that we can make this happen. In fact it has worked out so well that the band is returning to China in October to play more concerts. What can we say? Lucky bastards…

See dates, hear music and more at

Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band

Photo Credit: Jonas Bang


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