From the Archives: PowerSolo’s got France by the throat (by Ramogens 29. May 2009)

Our main brothers, Kim Kix and The Atomic Child recently released their newest effort BLOODSKINBONES on Cornflakes Zoo in France. And boy do the French like PowerSolo! Three weeks on the radio and then finally in the top spot as the most played album on 24 French rock radio stations in front on artists like Franz Ferdinand, Pete Doherty and Miss Kittin and The Hacker (new album any good by the way?). We here at Crunchy Frog have tears of joy running down our cheeks when we hear stuff like that. We just sit there all smiley and stuff and then more news ticks in… The very cool French magazine Abus Dangereux have put the naked brothers on the front cover and it looks utterly amazing:


Can you imagine us just lying on the floor hugging, crying out of pure joy and not really getting any work done? If not, I’ll try to take pictures next time it happens.


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