From the Archives: Pictorial from NYC and SXSW with 18th Dye, PowerSolo and Snake & Jet (by Yebo 16. April 2009)


It took me a while but finally I got around to sorting out our photos from the recent trip to USA with the 3 Crunchy bands. It was a really fun trip and we got a lot out of it in terms of business. We had great shows and great food – and drinks aplenty. Like it should be.

You can see Jessica’s pictures from the trip at flickr with my comments. As you’ll notice we brought our son Henry on the trip, so it was hard to find pix without him in them (that’s what happens when you become a parent – you can’t stop photographing the little buggers!). Anyway: we at CF HQ thought that it’d be of general interest to the citizens of the planet, so please go to our flickr-page and get an eyefull (and isn’t he cute btw?).

We also put a small video snippet of 18th Dye on there. If you wanna watch some PowerSolo from the trip you’ll find some stuff in this very blog.

Here’s also some Youtube-stuff from the Music Slut dayparty show of Snake and Jet.

Enjoy! We did!


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