From the Archives: PEACE BOAT in heavy rotation on Morning Becomes Eclectic (by Yebo 18. May 2009)

Another proof that anybody with any good taste loves the Snake and the Jet and their Amazing Bullit Band. We sent the new “PEACE BOAT” board game to the very cool Mr. Jason Bentley who is the DJ at the higly credible, very enjoyable and just simply super cool radio show Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW. Bentley runs the show with great taste and – as the title suggests – no regard for genres or styles or… well anything else than the quality of the music.


Well, we were very happy to note that he chose to play Snake and Jet’s “Smilling Makes Bitter” on the first programme after he received the package. And we are even more happy that he has actually been playing song from the album every single day after that. Just on friday it was “Sleeping Turtleneck”and who knows what’s next? Nobody knows!

It probably won’t last, but tune in and listen to the programme in any case, it’s always a treat!

Just thought you should know – and we love to brag.




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