From the Archives: New kids on the frog – Lars and the Hands of Light (by Martin 22. June 2009)

Happy news come with the arrival of summer.

It is with great pleasure that we bid welcome to a new artist on our crunchy roster: Lars and the Hands of Light.

However, it’s not exactly a new artist, since the band is fronted and led by Lars “I Lommen” Vognstrup who has graced the label over the last 7 years, first as backing singer and rhythm guitarist in Junior Senior’s live band, and later on, as part of Wolfkin who released the astonishing album “Brand New Pants” in Autumn 2006).

Now the time has come for Lars to really present himself as the fantastic singer and songwriter, he is. And no other place than within the frames of The Hands of Light is he doing this so promising. We’ve been listening to (& diggin’) the demos the last couple of months and we are excited to release the forthcoming album. The first single “Me Me Me” is out on the radio waves and will likely reach your ears and stay there with its soul-influenced elements. It’s as good as that.

You can also listen to the single on

The album is set for release in September 2009. A splendid time is guaranteed for all !!!

Here is Lars with his kid sister Line. Line is also in the band together with Peter Leth (drums) and Thomas Styg (miscellaneous). A good looking hard punching quartet. Look forward to more singles from this outfit during the summer of 09!

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