From the Archives: Enough is MORE than enough. STOP Nik & Jay! (by Yebo 8. April 2009)

Countrymen and people of the world unite!

Danish idiot “r’n’b” and “hip hop” sensation Nik & Jay have crossed the limits of how ridiculous a pop act can actually be. I was just made aware of their latest hit “Endnu en” just now, and I gotta – I just got to – speak up!

To explain to all non-Danes: the lyrics tells us that Denmark loves this duo so much that we all demand another hit from them. They are reluctant to do so – they feel they give so much of themselves – you know: they are tormented artistes plodding the depths of human thought and experience to come up with these unique and really original gems of high concept A.R.T. which leaves their countrymen awestruck, baffled and utterly thrilled and the girls begging for sweet sweet N&J cocksmanship (“The girls think I’m hotter than Justin”). Alas, as public demand is so massive Mr. Nik and Mr. Jay give in and gives us another hit. This one.

Now, if this was a comedy act, it would actually be really funny. But the sad fact is that they are 100% serious – and it’s still really funny: You have to laugh – or you’d have to bloody cry!

Please: All Danes and everybody not hailing from this Godforsaken cultural vacuum called Denmark – please listen to the song, see the video and tell me: Is this not crap?

Ach du fuggin lieber!



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