From the Archives: Danish curious 7-inch magic from yesteryear curated by our very own RaMogens (by Yebo 14. April 2009)

Mogens who we have the pleasure of at Crunchy Frog HQ 3 times of week is an avid collector of all kinds of music, but his special field is lost and forgotten – or at least overlooked – and sometimes rightly so, but mostly not – 7-inches. We are talking about weeeeird stuff as well, but mostly funny and really enjoyable. If not on an ironic ironic, then at least at a ironic ironic ironic or just plain ironic level. I guess we are so post post post modern these days that it’s hard to tell. Bottom line is: It’s a hoot and y’all need to get WITH his fairly new blog Here he regularly throws another pearl for us swine and expains a little bit about the background. The site and most of the music is in Danish, but surf by even if understand jack shit lingowise.

I guess my so far favourite is this terrible Danish version of “La bamba” by Rock Nalle. The Danish title is “Store Babser” (Huge hooters), and that pretty much sets the level for this terrible terribly – but strangly compelling and extremely – funny song. Go seek than one out in the Ramogens-archives right now!



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