From the Archives: 15 YEARS – COME AND POP OUR CHERRY (by Yebo 22. June 2009)

The Frog turns 15 this year. We are officially not jailbate anymore and we celebrate this with a big anniversary bash on september 5th at a new venue called UNDER VAND. It is (as the name suggests) under water. It will make for a spectacular location. We will present 8-10 bands form the Crunchy Frog roster + DJs + surprises + gifts + popular prices in the bar. It’ll be a ball if ever there was one!

Check the action packed program here:

As you can see the price of a ticket is just 115 kroner – and the ticket sale starts on monday (the 29th) at There will be a handling fee of 15 kroner, but then the tickets are mailed straight to you at your swank abode and you needn’t lift your well rounded derrière from the couch.

We are currently planning away, so there will be many more updates about the party on this page and others. for now you only need to know that you need them tix. Get your e-butt over to Vibrashop right now in order to secure the coveted slip o’ parchment.

What we DO know – apart from the line-up (which may even be ammended!) – is that we’ll have a nice warm-up session at UNDER VAND with beer and hotdogs for only 15 kroner. If the weather is nice we can do this on the deck on top of the venue. DJs will play and there will be much rejoycing. This goes on from 5 pm until the start of the bands at 7.30. And PLEASE be there on time. We WILL put your favourite band on FIRST. Yeah yeah, we all do it: we sit with friends at home or at a bar and have a few before the show, and we have oh such a great time so we decide to skip the support act, and then we actually miss half the head liner as well. It has happened to us and it has happened to you. BUT there are no opening bands on september 5th. It is a string of pearls – of amazing world touring super groups, and you do NOT want to be late. So grab the opportunity to get some cheap dogs and beers and bring your friends for the pre-show-lounging and do it with us in stead. You will not miss a goddamn thing and you will MAKE money doing it! PLUS we will give a special anniversary CD to the first 100 guests to pass the turnstiles. This party will actually also serve as release party for this compialtion CD featuring 20-25 non-Crunchy artists covering Crunchy songs from the Frog-a-logue. More on this amazing new product soon soon soon.



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