From the Arhives: KUBI’s Austin hot spots! (by Jessi-Q 15. March 2009)

If you’re at SXSW… I got the idea to share some good shopping and dining tips in Austin.

I have been to SXSW pretty much every year since 2000 and I’ve come to really like the city. Yebo and I have had the fortune to staying at our good old friend and Crunchy relative, Matt Caldwell. They live out in beautiful Enfield, where there is this really oldschool diner/drugstore that serves the perfect hangover breakfast. I dig the place so much, I bought two T-shirts. How is that for a recommendation??

In general for shopping: South Congress and North Guadalupe have a lot of cool boutiques and of course dining options. See some addresses below:

Chuy’s: Barton Springs Rd. good tex-mex in a rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere

Guero’s Taco Bar: South Congress. Great for snacking with a margarita on the porch – if you can get a table outside.

Magnolia Café: South Congress. Not to miss. Great for brunch and breakfast. Crowded during SXSW. Use waiting time in the gaget’s shop next door.

Jo’s Coffee: South Congress. Very nice outdoor coffeeshop.

Kerbey lane café: 4 locations in the city. Open 24 hours. Genious breakfast (served 24 hrs) and night snacks.

Nau’s Enfield Drug: 1115 W Lynn St, Enfield/Austin. Authentic and very old school drugstore and diner. Mexican mamas will serve you good breakfast and burgers. And the best milkshakes!

Flipnotics: Barton Springs Rd. coffeeshop feel.

Hickory street bar and grill: 800 Congress (at W 8th St)3 dollar margaritas. Good place for a snack while you wait for the next concert. chicken wings are yummie!

BBQ_Ironworks BBQ: 100 Red River Austin (DOWNTOWN). Very crowded during SXSW.

Stubb’s BBQ: 801 Red River (DOWNTOWN) Extremely crowded during SXSW.

Sam’s BBQ: 2000 E 12th St Austin. Legendary BBQ. No bullshit fancyness. Small place with walls full of celebrities who visited.

Saltlick BBQ: 3801 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin. You will need a car. It’s worth the 40 min ride. Big place. You can bring your own beer. Cosy outdoor waiting area.

Kreuz Market BBQ: 619 N. Colorado St, Lockhart. Meat and toast. That’s all you need!

Black’s BBQ: 215 North Main Street, Lockhart. Great sausages!

Waterloo Records: 600A North Lamar. Good spot to catch some new and cool bands play instores.

Antone’s Records: 2928 Guadalupe. Lots of vinyl.

Continental Club: South Congress. Legendary garage venue. I was lucky to catch André Williams and Wanda Jackson there – on the same night! Not to miss.

Allens Boots: South Congress. Gear up to become a cowboy.


– Jessica


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