From the Archvives: Crunchy Frog signs deal with Ryko USA (by 18. December 2006)

With great pleasure we proudly announce that several years of flirting, nine months of courting, and one month of hard, but fair contractual negotiations has lead to the final signing of a deal, which means that numerous Crunchy Frog artists will be released in the USA. These include names such as Powersolo, epo-555, Wolfkin, The Mopeds, as well as other artists from the Crunchy back catalogue.

Ryko has for more than twenty years enjoyed the position as a renowned and successful indie label (Rykodisc) and indie distributor (Ryko Distribution, and for several years Ryko Distribution has been voted the best midsize distributor in the US. Rykodisc has had important artists in their stable such as David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Big Star, Bootsy Collins, Flaming Lips, Elvis Costello, They Might Be Giants, Devo, Morphine, The Replacements, Yoko Ono, Sugar, Throwing Muses, Tom Tom Club, Brian Eno, James Kochalka Superstar, Ladytron, Elf Power and many others. Read more about the Ryko history here

In January this year Crunchy Frogs own Jesper Reginal met with Rykodisc’s then-President, William Hein, at the Midem trade fair in Cannes, and the two of them started to talk seriously about cooperating. A few months later Hein brought several people from the Ryko stab to an epo-555 concert at the SXSW festival in Texas. It was by then clear that his staff at Ryko in both New York and Boston also shared Hein’s love for Crunchy artists as well as his wish for more cooperation with Crunchy Frog. Meanwhile, during the summer, Ryko was sold to Warner and Hein left Rykodisc. In turn, the head of Ryko Distribution, Jim Cuomo, was now appointed as head of both Ryko companies. Fortunately, Jim had just as big an interest in working with the Crunchy bands as Hein, and the closer relation between the two Ryko-branches has in fact made is possible to construct a much more interesting deal for both parties.

Crunchy Frog will get access to Ryko’s well-developed and award-winning distributional network, and thanks to Ryko’s own promotion and marketing apparatus, the Crunchy bands are secured regular and serious releases in the American market. This means that The Crunchy bands will be promoted actively and equally in line with Rykos’ own artists. All this will continue to exist under Crunchy Frog’s own label and logo, which will assist in establishing the record company as a guarantee for originality, quality and good music in the USA – all of which we are already recognized for in Scandinavia, Iceland and Germany.

The deal with Ryko enables Crunchy Frog to establish itself as an independent label in a large, and for our bands, very interesting market. The independence is not only apparent, but also bona fide. The deal is neither a partnership nor a shared ownership with neither Warner, nor Ryko. Crunchy Frog will solely decide which band to be released and when. All in all, this is an outstanding deal, which both Ryko and Crunchy Frog are thrilled about and expects a whole lot from.

The first Crunchy Frog products will be released in USA during the spring of 2007. More information about this will be released in time. Now all there is to do is work and make plans. We look forward to it!


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