From the Archives:Not at SXSW, Not a Problem (by andreas 18. March 2009)

So if you’re like me and stuck back home during the SXSW, where it seems that anyone and everyone cool and interesting will be playing, then you know it sucks… Not only does it suck not being there, but it also sucks because every single blog, music site and news site known to man is constantly reminding how mindblowingly awesome it would be if you were there. Yes, it is truly unfair that the [insert culprit] has deprived me/you of a ticket to the wild and wonderful SXSW (’cause you have to blame someone!). Bastards.

However! There is light at the end of the tunnel, because not only can you comfort yourself with the lovely jovely free MP3’s up for offer, but now some wonderful people have also made a site for all of us not at SXSW. NotAtSXSW is a site dedicated to tweets (how very high-tech, I know) from people who are not at you-know-what in you-know-where and for us all to share in a non-conference (as they say).

Now I’m off to tweet about having late lunch or something important like that…


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