From the Archives: Psyched Up Janis reformed for Solkær opening party! (by Yebo 5. March 2009)

Yep yep yep, it’s true. It’s not a Crunchy news item as such, but as both Sune and I are part of current and prior Crunchy Frog acts I thought I’d throw this up on the blog while it’s fresh and hot.

As a gift to our friend and benefactor Søren Solkær, Psyched up Janis will reform and play a few of ye olde ditties at the opening party for his upcoming exhibition CLOSER in Øksnehallen, Cph. Sune asked me if I was game a few days ago – and he and Jakob seems to be in agreement to do this after a lot of years of not really talking THAT much. This really is a nice breakthrough – and it will surely be a blast for all of us to turn the volume WAY up and give it hell one more time. We are of course not as young and beautiful as on the pic below (by Henning Hjorth) anymore, but we sure are meaner and angrier than ever before. We will rock you AND beat you at Ludo to boot!

Søren Solkær – for the sorry few that don’t know him – is as great a photographer as he is an all-round nice guy and beautiful human being.

He has snapped a lot of exceptional shots not only of Psyched Up Janis, but also of Crunchy artists such as The Raveonettes, Junior Senior, epo-555, Jon Spencer and of course this legendary PowerSolo shot from Iceland.


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