From the Archives: Snake & Jet signed to Crunchy (by 30. March 2007)

We are proud and delighted to announce to the world that we have indeed signed Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. And we did it with the BIG pen (see picture at the bottom of the page).

Many Copenhageners will know the name and music of SAJABB as they have roamed the cities live-venues and parties firing up the dance floor with their energetic music. The band consists (surprise surprise) of Snake and Jet aka two skinny boys named Thor and Thomas. Together they make up a spicy combo playing drums, samples, hammond organ, vintage synths and eclectic/electric guitar. They look cool. They sound cool. But in fact they are HOT!

You can visit the duo’s excellent website to listen to all their previous demos, watch 13 different videos and in general explore the total creative output of these formidable artistic entrepreneurs (apart from music they also run an underground artgallery and work with graphic design and all kinds of good stuff). Check them out at

We are planning to release the debut album from Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band during summer of 07.

Thor and Thomas signing the BIG deal with the BIG pen at the Crunchy HQ. After the picture was taken we all had a few shots of whiskey, and Snake and Jet had some more.


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