From the Archives: PowerSolo up for grabs – FREE MP3 from the new album! (by Ramogens 16. February 2009)

We’re getting nearer the release of PowerSolo’s fourth effort in the business of releasing mother rocking albums to the world. February 23rd is the date but you won’t have to wait that long ‘cause this week you can listen to the bastard known as BLOODSKINBONES over at Myspace. Another place to listen is the new and revamped PowerSolo website that’s looking mighty fine and also includes all their music videos. Don’t want to listen online at crappy digital quality, you say? Well brave friend, it’s time to pre-order BLOODSKINBONES on LP or CD at (worldwide shipping) – just click the disturbing cover below.


And if you’re an old fart like us you want to pick up the album at your local record store. Fear not. The Crunchy team is working night and day to make that possible all over the world and has this far succeeded in Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Yup, we’re covering most of the area through our own distribution which now includes Sonic Rendevouz in Benelux. In France Cornflakes Zoo has once again licensed PowerSolo and we’ll be revealing more before than you can say Kim Kix and The Atomic Child are The Railthin Brothers and I love ‘em like my own children!! BLOODSKINBONES will be available around May 22 outside Scandinavia.

If all this hasn’t pushed your information capacity into the red, surf over here where PowerSolo is treating you with the track “Pirates of the Oblivion” for free.

That’s it for now, people!


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