From the Archives: I SAY DOO RAG YOU SAY DU-RAG (by 9. July 2008)

Snake and Jet laying down the law – and some tracks – in NYC
As we have been telling you again and again on this very page Snake and Jet recently packed their Amazing Bullit Band in a big trunk and went to NYC to record their second album and also play some shows and do promo for their current relese: “X-Ray Spirit”. The recordins took place in Matt Verta-Ray – of Heavy Trash fame – ‘s studio NY Hed Studios. Matt recorded the band himself and even appears on the recordings.

We just got a brief status report from Mr. Jet and a few pix. Thought we’d share them with you!

Jet’s letter to Crunchy Frog HQ
Hey everybody!

The recordings of the more sombre and dark second album (just look at the attached pictures…) have been completed in the NY HED studio and we are sitting right now sipping great red wine and listening to the result.

There is room for an early victory lap…

We have worked our way through all kinds of impossible duo situations, ie vibraphone/bongos and echobells/synth.

Lots of new sounds have been captured in Matt Verta-Ray’s super studio. We can also mention some free sounds that we can’t make ourselves such as the subway F-line rumbling under the studio on the quiet songs, and then we have been drinking coffee while Matt laid down some fantastic rockabilly solos on our rotten deconstructionist efforts to reinvent and exploit the American rock culture. For – as Matt’s old friend Freddie Boom Boom Cannons used to say while clapping his hands: “It’s Gotta Rock!”.

Today we are transferring the song to a computer and it sounds great. We have recorded a lot, some very finished and even more kinda finished – we are still to do vocals and more synth stuff, though.

We have worked hard, got blisters on hands and feet and recorded on equipment that is several million years old.

The shows went fine. First it was a serious artfilm crowd that analyzed us as *a work*, without humour/irony. Next day a festival which had a sponsor that was a caffeinated vitamin drink with 12% alcohol. Sluuurrrp. The show at Glasslands had go-go dancers, Honolullu girls and sailor girls – even though we got so mane soap bubbles in our eyes that we can’t remember anything… Still have a show at Mercury Lounge to go on wednesday where we probably will have a brain tumour from playing anything else than what we have been playing like machines for the last 10 days.

Last day of recording was celebrated at Katz’ Deli with Matt. Pastrami on rye and Katz’ ale. Sunday night until closing time and lots of tips to the slicing butchers. It takes its toll today.

Musical inputs for the recordings has been the jukebox at Great Jones and the iPod of the the boys’ in the woodshop next to the studio (forgotten heroes and extinct music cultures!). Then we saw a fantastic free jazz concert with our friend Kresten Osgood on drums. A hissing Japanese piano guru with a collapsed lung created fear on stage, or the floor, by hammering his fists into the keys on the piano when he was dissatisfied with his aprentices’ efforts.

The last few days we will ride around in a stretch limo with the head out the window, hollering all kinds of cool things. As our 400 pound hotel cleaner says: “It might be the greatest city in the world!”

Bonus info:
We have had a lot of fun putting the word “TRON” – pronounced with a heavy US accent – behind every word. Even Matt joined the game toward the end! Try it yourself!

Du-rag = cool head gear that you can buy in most delis! (Our rude use of the du-rag forced a Japanese couple to move out of the apartment we shared…)

Ses snart
Thor & Thomas


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