From the Archives: Huge International Press Hype Before US Release of Junior Seniors Second Album (by 2. August 2007)

Huge online anticipation of the release of “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” in the US
The release of Junior Seniors second album and a brandnew Maxi-EP is highly anticipated in the US, at least if you believe many blogs and online music services, who cannot wait to get their hands on the album as well as the new maxi-EP, with 7 smoking brand new dance explosions. The bloggers have been posting news, video links, and comments for the last weeks, so get ready – August 14, is the day when the US will be dancing yet again.

The first single “Can I Get Get Get” is playing already at radiostations all over the US and the video is viewed A LOT online, check it our HERE.

The Blogs
While we are waiting for the American reviews, check out these links for some of the most influential music blogs. The news of the US release immediately created vast mentions and great expectations among bloggers around the world.

Lost at

Say hello to the new Maxi-EP
“Say Hello Wave Goodbye”, is released together with “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” and will be available in the US on the 14th of August.

The Maxi-EP will be sold separately in Denmark and is available from august the 13th.

“Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” will also be released in numerous countries all over Europe this summer.

Germany Already Has The Yo Yo Fever
On the European side of the pond, the German music magazines are bursting over with joy of the release of the second album. Reviews are pouring in with great news of people wanting to be JRSR-tastic with the rest of the world.

The Magazines
On July 25th Hey Hey My My Yo Yo came out in Germany and the album received fantastic reviews, feature articles and interviews in leading magazines like Spex, Visions, , Intro, Pirhania, Unclesallys and Musicexpress.

Interview in Intro

Interview in Musicexpress

Interview in Vanity

World of Music
Interview in World of Music

Interview in Vision


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