From the Archives: Holy smoke! Red lights and reverb! (by 6. May 2008)

What happened to VibraCrunch?
A lot of people have been asking us that. The little annual festival in Malmö was beginning to become somewhat of a nice tradition, but we felt that it actually grew too big the last couple of years. The cosyness of the early years started to go down the drain, as the stages became bigger and the Malmöfestival around VibraCrunch grew. So we decided to take a breather and rethink the whole thing. We are now talking to Folkets Park in Malmö about doing something nice and intimate where people can go see one band and discover another – like in them good ole days of yore. We will of course not hesitate to let y’all know about the progress. Hope to be back with a nice event after summer!

And while all this is being rethunk we thought we’d offer a teaser. Which is a little something we call:

Why holy smoke? Well it was inspired by the choice of bands. The Tremolo Beer Gut (who of course are well known for their excessive use of smoke at their shows) will be the centrepiece of the action and flanked by two great artists, who also happens to be their good friends: Sci-Fi SKANE and Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band.

What a great line-up, eh? Hard to resist? Well, why resist! Get your butt over to Malmö and take part in this great feast. Here’s the lowdown:

The whole thing will take place at Amore in Malmö, which is a short walk from the central station (check the map attached to the flyer above). It’s a really cozy little place which holds a couple of hundred people – so it will be tight and packed and funky all around. It is a restaurant as well, so you can arrive early and get some nice food in your Gut before going for the booze!

We are still planning away, but if the wheather is nice, some of the shows will be outside in the cosy court yard. We’ll have live music and DJs from 10 pm.

Please come back right here and check for updates. We’ll make all info available as it comes into existence!

DJs will be: Bombi Beat and Jessi-Q – and more will follow. Running order will be:

22.30 Snake and Jets
23.30 The TBG
01.00 Sci-Fi SKANE

Tickets will be 100 SEK at the door.

TRAINS LEAVE FOR COPENHAGEN EVERY HOUR AT 22 MINUTES PAST THE HOUR (00.22, 01:22 ETC), so you can get back to Cph all night if that is your wish.

Learn more about the bands!


Listen, read, watch more at their WEBSITE and MYSPACE-PAGE


Listen, read, watch more at their WEBSITE and MYSPACE-PAGE


Listen, read, watch more at their WEBSITE and MYSPACE-PAGE


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