From the Archives: Heavy Trash & PowerSolo Teams Up In The US (by 7. November 2007)

This fall the two Crunchy Frog supergroups Heavy Trash and PowerSolo will join forces when they tour the US of A – crazy style! Soulmates as they are, the match couldn’t be more perfect. Actually perfection is a piece of shit compared to this combo.

As many well-educated people will already be aware, the lead PowerBoy Kim Kix plays the double-bass for Heavy Trash in their European touring band and also appears on the recent HT album “Going Way Out With…” (and if you haven’t heard that, you haven’t heard anything yet!). Actually on these tours the whole PowerSolo crew will act as backing band for Giovanni Spencere and Cashew Murder-Ray as well as playing support under their own name. It WILL rock and if you are anywhere nearby the cities they play you are REQUIRED to go support La Causa. Anything else would be un-Americano and the tourists will win!


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