From the Archives: First Floor Power Release Party (by 28. April 2008)

A week and a bit before the release of the new “Don’t Back Down!” album the dynamic trio traveled to Copenhagen to throw the Danes a great release party. The event took place in Ideal Bar. Firstly a whole lot of free beers for the thirsty crowd while the album played on repeat – then a 30 minute very special live concert rehearsed just for this occasion – and then a 4 hour DJ session from Sara, Per and Karl-Jonas.

FFP rehearsing in Sara’s apartment back home in Stockholm before going to Copenhagen to do interviews and play and party DOWN with their friends and fans.

Sara and Karl-Jonas enjoying a quick meal with the Crunchy staff before the release party at the nearby Kung Fu restaurant.

A brief workout and a beer before the concert. Sara is showing off her physique to Yebo from Crunchy and Jonas is documenting.

Nalna from Tremolo Beer Gut, Mads from Sterling and Per from FFP enjoying a bit of a bevvy and straight talk.

The lads from Oliver North Boy Choir hanging out outside for a smoke and looking for a fight as always.

The Crunchy promo queens doing what they do best.

And then the moment everybody was waiting for. FFP in live concert action. Per was playing a rhythm box this evening as drums aren’t allowed in the bar. Thanks to Mads Svesking for lending out his beautiful Fender Rhodes!

An intimate and compact concert. A once in a lifetime experience. And we dug it big time!

Sara singing the lead on the hit-single track “The Jacket”.

Karl-Jonas givin’ it hell during “It’s an Interview”.


A happy crowd!


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