From the Archives: Crisp – The Crunchy Treat DJ Club @ Dyrehaven (by Jessi-Q 12. February 2009)

I suppose you haven’t missed out on the fact that we have moved our DJ club from Ideal Bar to the hippest bar in town. YES! – Dyrehaven it is at lovely Vesterbro, CPH. Every Saturday we will treat your ears to some sexy music, we promise ya! Swing by for some fine food and beer and dig some rock ‘n’ roll.
This month’s line of DJs will surely rock the house:

Feb 12th
Crisp Special: Jenny Wilson (S)
As a special treat Jenny Wilson will drop by on this thursday and play a selection of her favourite tunes! Rhythm and spirituals! She may even play something from her forthcoming album!

Feb 14th
Nasty Nanna (We Got Beef), Jessi-Q (KUBI/Crunchy) + Special Guest: Evil Elg
Classic tracks & cutting edge

Feb 21st
The Railthin Brothers aka Kim Kix + Atomic Child.
We celebrate their new album, Bloodskinbones
Tonight’s DJ theme is:
Five decades of sleazy rock’n’roll, boogie, punk ‘n’ rockabilly
or just:
Getting fucked up on whiskey and pot!

Feb 28th
Madsen & Mikkel (Stengade 30, Ideal Bar, Nagpeople)
Uptempo Oddities, stram læder disco – music we like, no fillers!


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