From the Archives: Candid, revealing, scandalous photo exposé from the PowerSolo Releaseparty! (by Yebo 2. March 2009)

As promised. Here is it! The uncensored pix from the releasepart of BLOODSKINBONES.

It was held at Copenhagen’s Märkbar on saturday feb 20. The place was packed, the bartendresses were stacked and the volume was jacked…up!

Erdinger supplied some free beer and the good people at Märkbar also threw in a few crates. Thanks so much for being so kind and welcoming towards us and a LOT of thirsty music lovers.

Kim and Bo supported themselves togther with Mr. Ho-rati-oh as Kim and the Cinders – and then JC Benz joinedthem for his very LAST show as PowerSolo drummer. What a legendary night y’all!


After the party a bunch went on to Dyrehaven where the railthin Bruthas DJed until the literally fell down. It sure was a craaaazeh nite.

There are about 65 more revealing photos! Check it out at FLICKR.



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