From the Archives: A Deal With The Devil (by 26. November 2007)

Only a few weeks after signing 18th Dye we went ahead and signed yet another noisy rock band. Name of the band: Beta Satan. Yes kids: we more or less made a deal with the devil. Some may think that all this noise rock is new to the Frog, but actually this is more or less a way of returning to the roots of the label. Back in the mid nineties our roster consisted of nothing but alt rock noise inferno: THAU, Death Tothe, Naked, Learning from Las Vegas, Düreforsög etc. Yes, you are too young and pure of heart to know, but inside the glamour, sparkle and multimillion dollar deals of the crisp frog you have come to know, lives an ugly toad with a black heart beating in its chest, two fuzz pedals strapped permanently to its feet and a constant tinnitus ringing in both ears. In ALL frequencies, man!

You may have been verbally abused by one of the guys in Beta Satan. Maybe it happened to one of your friends. No matter who or what was on the receiving end, the drunken rant being spit into your ear surely included anecdotes and seemingly endless appraisals of this new institution of rock, Beta Satan.

As many before you, you ask: “What is it, really?” and “Who do they think they are?” and “What do they do, besides being drunk at shows, sporting a swollen pride, going on and on about how brilliant they are?! I mean… Come on!” Well, simple questions require simple answers: ”Uh huh. Beta Satan is what people did not know they craved, and YOU’RE the bloody problem, here!”

“So what is all this about?”, one might ask. Well, it’s not so much about satan worshipping as it is really about the music. We, at Crunchy, fell for the unique blend of art pop and extremely heavy noise that this band produces. Also the very uncompromising and provocative tone in their lyrics and their attitude towards fans, the press and basically all living creatures, strikes a chord in us. There definitely is a layer of irony at play, but then there is another layer of real bona fide misanthropic loathing of the human race. So many layers that you need a lawyer to figure it out. Bottom line is that this band rocks and they are not shy about admitting it!

For instance at these sites: and BS-myspace.


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