From the Archives: 18th Dye Signed to Crunchy Frog (by 14. November 2007 )

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce the newest addition to the crunchy roster. None other than the legendary noise-rockers from 18th Dye. We are absolutely 1000% thrilled to be the label representing this amazing band in the future. We have been fans since they reigned on the indierock scene in the 90es and we pride ourselves to be the first to push them to do a gig at our Vibracrunch festival in 2005. (check pictorial from VC7 here).

The band has worked on their 3rd album for a couple of months and have just left the Kondi Frost studio after completing recordings. Now the mix stage is approaching and we expect to be done with the album around X-mas. release early spring.

For the sorry persons that have never heard about 18th Dye, check out this video-interview at, where you can also hear and see some old videos and some very recent live-recordings. As you can hear in the interview the band broke up in 1995 after having released their 2nd album “Tribute to a Bus”, but fortunately thought the better of it and started playing some live shows. Found out that the old magic was still there, and started to write new material.

The Crunchy Crew witnessed both the show at VibraCrunch7 and the more recent – but already legendary – show at the Danish SPOT Festival. There were no doubt in our minds. We need to sign this band.

And now we have. Feel good story of the year!


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