From the Archives: Welcome! (by Yebo 1. February 2009)

It had to happen. The twist had to go latin and Crunchy Frog had to start b-loggin’ sooner or later. And so, now we have.

Over the years some people have wondered why our website is in English and our newsletter Spröd Bulletin is in Danish. We have no really good answer, but as we launch this weblog we will try to keep most of the text in english so all our international friends and foes can understand. Of course some posts will be in Danish and this is also a chance for our German office to finally have an outlet for all their sick little ideas in their own sick little language.

There is of course not a lot of stuff in this blog as of yet, but we put a few of the most recent news-items from the regular website in here, so any readers will be able to comment. Please do – we are eager to hear what you have to say – as long as it’s praise of course.


As some people would know already we are celebrating the 15th years of Crunchification this year. We have made a limited number of pretty damn sweet jackets with our logo sticthed on them. To kick off this blog in style we want to give a jacket to the person coming up with the best name for a Crunchy Frog 15 year anniversary compilation. Write your suggestions as a comment to this post and see if you win this heavenly price!

And no: the butt ugly model is not included!



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