From the Archives: WE HAVE FOUND A LOSER! (by 13. October 2005)

Ladies and gentlemen, kids and kittens!

We have received many answers to our Airwaves competition. As you remember the question was: How many musical notes are to be found in the artwork for Junior Senior’s “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” album.

BUT – no one found the correct answer. It surely was a quite difficult task as a few of the notes were only partially visible. We really thought that somebody would hit that lucky number. But – alas! – no one did. There are 84 notes as you can see on the pictures below.

So what to do?
We decided to take a look at whom among the losers were closest to win. And we came up with 2 submissions claiming that there were 82 notes, and frankly two of the notes are really hard to spot. So we decided to throw the two names in a hat and drew the winner of 2 tickets to Iceland Airwaves….

And the winner is: JARNO VARSTED. We will get in touch with you directly through email.



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