From the Archives: VibraCrunch – The 7th heaven (by 13. September 2005)

Finally it’s here.. The VC7 review
The 7th VibraCrunch sure was a blast. On August 26th Crunchy Frog presented a bill of 10 awesome artists from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and USA. The weatherman promised us rain, but not on this watch… The sun was out with a bit of chilling wind. Loads and loads of people showed up to atend the FREE Crunchylicious festival with musical madness and swedens finest lager beer. VC7 was held at a new venue – a 3 staged festival area situated in Mölleparken, Malmö.

There was excitment about the new venue and everything turned out to be a-okay apart from a stupid Swedish beer policy making it impossible to enjoy a beer in front of the stages. Something that was quite a pain in the butt for many among the public.

The hole thang started at 17:00 with the crazy tones of Bazookahosen. They delivered a spectacular performance, even though the crowd was a bit thin. Song after song more and more people started showing up, getting a glimpse of Bazookahosens excellent stageshow. Due to tecnically problems we don’t have any pictures of them, but if you were there and got some snapshots – please e-mail them to us at and we will put them up along with your name.
The next band to take a shot at the audiance was Tublenco. Tublenco delivered a frantic stageshow with dancing chorusgirls, Mr. Tublén himself in a cowboy hat and cool shades and even a guy on tablas. Funky, loud and very danceable. We are looking forward to hearing some more demos from this outfit. Cooooool stuff.
After Tublenco came the crazed, fun lovin’ band who got their name from a funny vehicle. We’re ofcourse talking about The Mopeds.

Their latest longplayer FORTISSIMO has set new standards in r’n’r show biz. Now amps can be cranked up to 11 — just that extra notch and that’s just what they did at VibraCrunch7. It was sooo loud that the rest of freakin’ Malmö could hear the concert -HOT DAMN!

Next up was the weird danish band Death to Frank Ziyanak who delivered trio-rock with an edge. They have several really great songs and a weird shitkicker kind of cool that you don’t see too often.

Unfortunately for DTFZ it was early in the day and many people opted for the damned beer stalls and listened from afar. Regardless of this the band gave it hell and gave us a great show.

The Stockholm band South Ambulance was up next. They have the ambition to write good music on Saturdays and record it on Sundays. This day they played on a friday and it was a fucking amazing concert. We especially loved the dude with a beard and big curly red hair!!!
Unfortuanally we don’t have any pictures of this band either – so again, if you were there and got some snapshots, send ’em to us at and we will post them with your name – Thanks!

epo-555 is known for mixing loud rock, alternative country, electronica, catchy popsongs and a lot more with intelligent lyrics. This night was no exception. They were actually the first band to get the tent filled with people and they got what they wanted. No one could resist the music and soon everybody was mesmerized by the band.

Heavy Trash rocked y’all back to the 50s with their oldschool rock’n’roll. A nice mixture of rockabilly, surf, blues and country in the coolest rebel style.
Matt Verta-Ray gave it hell with his amazing twang-guitar and explosive solos backed by Jon Spencer’s mean rhythm guitar and craaaazy Elvis moves.
The band was joined by Kim “kix” Jeppesen from PowerSolo on upright, surfin’ bass and Jesper “Yebo” Reginal from The Tremolo Beer Gut on stompin’ drums.
Together they made the audience explode and hungry for more. A very dynamic and awsome band.
Figurines is one of the finest bands right now on the Danish inde rock scene. Their latest album is of a very high standard and the lads didn’t let us down this night. The lead singer is quite a star and is the focal point of the live show. The songs are expressed with passion and skill. Great VC7 show.
The highlight of the evening for many among the Crunchy Staff was the reunion of 18th Dye. Although Basti had a few problems with his guitar and the powersupply, the Dye was back in style. BIG TIME. Seeing Piet pounding the drums like he was born to do, hearing Sebastian let it RIP on the distorted guitar and just the sheer pleasure of witnessing the queen of cool on the bass guitar – all three of them on same stage, in perfect sync and determined to surpass whatever high points they had in the past … was such
a treat! We hope to hear much more from this legendary group in the future.
The band almost everybody came to see and hear – The Raveonettes. The tent lifted off the earth to the tunes of “Love in a Trashcan” from the new album “Pretty in Black” and the ol’ “Attack of the Ghost Riders”. The band was in excellent shape
and they made a sensational performance, blowin’ people’s eardrums to oblivion.

Sune and Sharin in front doing their thang, while the rest of the band got their backs covered. A truly amazing live band.

Here at Crunchy HQ we can’t thank you people enough for supporting us – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

We hope to see you all again next year for some more fun and music.

Thank you!


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