From the Archives: VC5 – better than ever! (by 28. August 2003)

This year VibraCrunch celebrated its 5 year anniversary in Malmö. And what an absolutely splendid night we had! More than 4000 dedicated musicfreaks & fans showed up to move their feet and feel united for 7 hours of crazy beats, funky stuff, indiepop and pure ol’ rock ‘n’ roll – making it the biggest crowd so far at vibeful Vibracrunch.

With kind of a dream line up (according to some people the best ever) and all the bands being up for some serious party business after giving all they had and a little more, the night was destined to be magic! To top everything we were also lucky as the weather was with us. It started out pretty bad with rain and dark clouds early in the day, but later the sun arrived (thank you, weathergods!) turning everything into a beautiful Swedish, yet indian summer, which (almost…) made everyone forget all about the loooong beer queues and the not so cool and very expensive Swedish cigs – well, you can’t win em’ all!

Our own Danish rock bastards – Baby Woodrose – was the opening act. And what a show! These guys surely know how to get in gear with their nasty sound and catchy rock tunes – and it was certainly a thrill to see the dust rise, as the crowd moved along to the beat and riffs.
The cool and superb indieband from Sweden – First Floor Power – was the opening act on the main stage and they instantly made everyone smile with their warm, catchy melodies.

(Due to technical problems we don’t have any pictures of FFP at VibraCrunch…plase send us one, if you have!)

Powersolo delivered a burning and powerful performance with their Rockabilly-garage-punk-country songs. A little less conversation and a little more action, as The King would have said. We are very proud of these guys. Check them out!

When the day faded into night it was time to kick some ass and chew some bubblegum (and to drink, of course) as Superheroes took the stage by storm. Drunk Danes and smashing Swedes joined together in utter madness to this legendary band and sang along to all the hits (Johnny really had fun tonight!). All of them drooling over Thomas T’s well shaped naked torso.

With a bag full of new material from their forthcoming album (out on Crunchy Frog October 6th) as well as oldies but goodies like all time favourite, Ten Thousand Songs, Learning From Las Vegas gave an intense concert. They created a magic moment at the Lounge Stage. And with a jolly jumper in guitarist Jesper Sand, the band made sure the guitars did the talking!

Next in line on the main stage was the Scandinavian kings of dub – Dub Sweden. This band was a great crowdpleaser (in the most positive meaning of the word). They are enjoying quite a big success in their home country and for for the Danes – not all of ’em sober at this time – this was the perfect introduction to an excellent party band you can jump around to and have fun!
A wonderful bunch of native Malmoe people playing some wicked shit. As usual the band, led by singer and guitarist Henrik Andersson (who is originally from Umeå) kicked off in high gear. Melodic stuff and breath taking ballades – just how you like it!
To finish an unforgetable night of pure pleasure and joy it was Danish band, Mew’s turn to take over the main stage. Due to their much (well deserved!) hyped, new international album, “Frengers” and their spectacular stageshows, they sure had something to live up to. To judge from the huge and excited crowd, Mew fulfilled everyone’s expectations with a mindblowing and heartful finale on a grandiose day. Only the people made of stone didn’t have a little tear in their eyes by the end of the night.
Thanks to all of you out there making VC5 a goddamn extraordinary experience for everyone. See you next year! Roger, over and out!

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