From the Archives: The Ocean Diver EP – out now and forever! (by 28. April 2003)

The Ocean Diver EP – out now and forever!
April 28th saw the realease of a brand new EP from Superheroes – a must for every lover of quality music!

Besides the single track “The Ocean Diver”, this EP contains 3 live songs, taken from the Roskilde Festival and the Danish National Radio P3 Award show 2003. Furthermore our heroes have also put 5 videos into this delicious cocktail:

Turn Me On – A high-energy, in your face picture assault that matches the up-tempo song. The idea behind the video was to take random pictures from the Crunchy Frog and Superheroes archives, give them a good shake, and then make a video out of that.

Someone Else – This video, nominated for “video of the year” at the Danish Music Awards (Grammy) 2003, is a voyage into the more sombre side of Superheroes. In the video, referred to by director Peder Pedersen as his “most moving video of his career”, you see situations with people crying. Even though this may sound a bit “arty” it successfully underlines the melancholic mood of the song.
The alert viewer will notice that several members of Superheroes can be seen in the video!

Wasting Time – This animated video tells the story of a lonely man and his empty life, his only companionship is talking to his coffeemaker and watching TV shows.

Cool Girl – Shot live at Skanderborg and Roskilde Festivals (infront of some 40.000 roaring fans) + Crunchy X-mas 2003.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you get the single and the new video for the song, Ocean Diver.
A video pieced together by the legendary Danish cult cartoon “Bennys Badekar” (Benny’s Bathtub) from 1972. The video is a spectacular fusion between the soft and melancholic notes of
“The Ocean Diver” and the marvelous fantasy world of Benny and his magic bathtub.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic EP from the super-gang.


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