From the Archives: The 1-2-3 guide: how to get to VC7 from Copenhagen in 3 easy ways (by 22. August 2005)

A hitchhikers guide to VibraCrunch 7
People, people, PEOPLE!!! Once again, we got a great line-up ready at this year’s 100% FREE ADMISSION VibraCrunch festival, and once again it is time for you to find your way to Malmö, Sweden.

We shall gracefully provide you with all the info that you will need to safely find your way to the festival venue on Friday 26/8 @ 17:00 hrs.

How to get there:
The trains run at an interval of 20 minutes at the following minutes past the hour:

Dep. Kastrup .16 .36 .56
Arr. Malmoe Cental Station .38 .58 .18

Follow the red dots from Malmö Central Station (upper right corner) to Mölleparken. The map can also be downloaded as a printable PDF file here (330 kB)

When travelling back again at night, the trains to Copenhagen will depart from Malmö Central Station at 0:22 and every hour on through the night (1:22, 2:22 etc.).

Check DSB’s timetable for Kystbanen as a printable PDF file here (330 kB)

Departures from Copenhagen @ 12 noon, 5 pm and 8:45 pm
Fare, one way: 65 SEK (students 40 SEK)
More info HERE

3. CAR:
Get on the E20 highway, cross the bridge, keep following E20, then get on E6 to Malmö. Details HERE!


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