From the Archives: Talking ’bout nomination domination (by 10. January 2003)

Yeah, now it’s official: Crunchy Frog are nominated to no less than 9 Danish Music Awards (=Grammy’s), so now the goal is to buy up some major labels, start smoking cigars and go play some golf!

This year have brought the world releases from three crunchy bands, and all them earned three nominations each:

Junior Senior: “Hit of the year”, “Band of the year” and “New name of the year”
Superheroes: “Band of the year”, “Video of the year” and “Singer of the year” (Thomas Troelsen)
The Raveonettes: “New name of the year”, “Best rock album” and “Best singer” (Sune Wagner).

Not too fucking shabby…but let’s see what happens on March 1st. (Note: the only DMA any CF act actually won was The Raveonettes: Best Rock Release of 02: Whip It On.)

Some awards have already been handed out. Yesterday DK’s one and only (or so it seems) music mag Gaffa announced their Gaffa Awards, all selected by the readers. The big winner was Junior Senior with 3 awards as “Best new band”, “Best music video” and “Hit of the year”. Thomas Troelsen from superheroes picked up the award as “Singer of the year”. In December Junior Senior picked up the “Hit of the year” award, when Danish National Radio P3 (DK’s Radio 1) handed out their P3 awards, and in October Junior Senior won Danish magazine Chili’s one and only music award.

Late January will bring the Danish Critics award “Steppeulven”, with Thomas Troelsen nominated as “Vocalist of the year”, The Raveonettes as “Hope of the year”, Sune Wagner (Raveonettes) as “Musician of the year” and Move Your Feet (Jr. Sr.) as “Melody of the year”. And early February will bring Danish Deejay Awards, where Junior Senior are nominated as
“Club hit of the year” and “DJ’s favorite”.

And in Sweden Superheroes have been nominated by the prestigious SAMA-award for “Best Scandinaviasn Album of 2002”.


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