From the Archives: TAKE PART IN THE NEW JUNIOR SENIOR VIDEO (by 14. February 2006)

Check it out! If you go to Junior Senior’s MySpace-page you’ll have a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of the guy and the gay’s next video. The track is called “Can I Get Get Get” and the song continues… “to know you better”. It’s about coming together – and in that spirit we decided that we should ask the bands fans and friends across the world to be a part of this.

Here is what Junior Senior writes themselves in their “invitation”:

“Hey there,

Wanna perform in the new Junior Senior video?

We have met so many great people throughout the world who have enjoyed our music, come to our shows and had a blast with us. Most of the time we never get to know you very well, even though a lot of you get to know us through our music. On our new album we have a song called “Can I Get Get Get (To Know You Better, Baby)”. It’s a kind of duet between Senior and JD from Le Tigre. We are so excited about this track that we wanna do our own video for it, and we’d love all our friends and fans to participate in it, so if you would like to be a part of a Junior Senior video, here is what you can do: …”

… and what CAN you do? Go to the JS page Junior Senior’s MySpace-page and read the entire invitation and all the instructions, download an mp3 of the music for your performance and follow the links to get the lyrics and a contract enabling us (the big bad record label) to use your performance. This has to be done for legal reasons and not just to exploit you and your amazing performance.

We hope that a lot of people want to participate and we are looking forward to getting to know YOU better through your video submission.

Crunchy Frog and Junior Senior


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