From the Archives: Swedish trio, named after a funny vehicle, releases new album! (by 21. March 2005)

The Mopeds is the best (and only) Swedish band on Crunchy Frog. Catchy tunes across the Öresund are now captured on their long awaited new album.
Hailing from Malmö and the vibrant musical environment surrounding the Tambourine Studios they have emerged as an exciting fresh band with a distinct sound and great songs.
As a follow-up to their 2001 release ‘The Land Of The Three’ the trio is now ready to release a brand new album cleverly entitled ‘FORTISSIMO’.

The Mopeds started up their own studio in Malmö, Sweden called Gula Studion a couple of years back and have recorded great artists and albums such as Franz Ferdinands breakthrough debut and the forthcoming albums from The Cardigans and Crunchy label-mates Junior Senior.

Besides being skilled producers and studio engineers the band members are also very used horn players on several studio sessions and live shows. Recently Petter and Jens blew the brass at Kira And The Kindred Spirits’ performance at the Danish Music Awards 05.

On April the 4th 2005 the world will witness the coming of FORTISSIMO. 11 loud, edgy, poppy, experimental, rocking, witty and orignal songs.
An album infused with electric energy, intense singing, clever humouristic lyrics and characteristic barytone saxophone. FORTISSIMO is produced by the bands themselves and will be out in the whole of Scandinavia.

The release will be supported by live shows all over the place so make sure to catch The Mopeds on a stage near you – ’cause the trio is famous for their explosive and unforgetable performances.
As a live act The Mopeds reinforce themselves with sax and extra guitars.

The first single of the album is the song ‘Television Time’ which has already been rocking your radio and soon will shake your TV as well, ’cause a new musicvideo is on the way.

Here’s the complete tracklist for FORTISSIMO:
01 Extremely Ordinary
02 Refused Demoland
03 Heading For The Stars
04 Television Time
05 Unbelongings
06 Loverman
07 Gotta Beware
08 Steal A Girl
09 Monkey Mercedes
10 Bragadoccio
11 Phonogram Sam

Go get it, cowboy!


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