From the Archives: PowerSolo Rules! (by 10. March 2004)

PowerSolo Rules!
As all of you probably know by now, our crisp and crazy trio – PowerSolo – has just released their much awaited Crunchy Frog debut album: IT´S RACEDAY…and your pussy is GUT!!! The first single from the album – Juanito – has already shown to be a real smash-blockbuster-spring-hit!
This irresistible mexicana sing-along was chosen as Single Of The Week by Denmarks biggest musicradio P3 and the hilarious video is now enjoing a lot of spins on Boogie TV.
To top this PowerSolo has also been doing some tv and radio shows as well as newspaper and magazine interviews (including, Rundfunk, Snurre Snups Søndagsklub, P3 Rock, Politiken, Chili etc). This sure is a band in demand!

Since the album has been out in the shops, the Danish press has so far given the band great reviews. Here´s a little recap of some of them:

Gaffa – music magazine:
4 out of 6:”…with PowerSolo the danish rockscene has got a new devil-may-care string to play on.”

Sirene – womans mag
5 out of 6: “It´s Raceday…” is rare and strange, but it´s cool!”

Jyllands-Posten – daily newspaper
5 out of 6: “Proud jutlandic hillbillies kick ass on a troubled disturbing debutalbum that either set the scene for removal on the locked ward or world domination”.

DR Musik – Denmarks National Radio:
5 out of 6:”…PowerSolo is GUT and is capable of moving the garagerock outdoor and into the light.”

Tjeck – youth magazine:
5 out of 6:” The result is cheery and humorous with cool numbers like Oak Tree Girl and the garage rocker NASCAR. It will sure be a great experience to see the group live on the festivals this summer.”

Berlingske Tidende – daily newspaper:
4 out of 6: “It´s a pure party of draught-beer-bath, call-out-choir and clog-dance”.

Politiken – dailiy newspaper:
4 out of 6: “PowerSolo and the band leader, Kim “Kix” Jeppesen, has the right personality and an original approach to the genres, that are featured on this album.”

Euroman – mens magazine:
4 out of 6:” With “It´s Raceday…And Your Pussy Is Gut!!!!” the trio from Aarhus candidate for the most crazy enterprise on the Danish musicscene right now.

Soundvenue – music magazine
5 out of 6: “It´s Raceday…and your pussy is GUT!!! is shortly said a fantastic well-written, stylish and thorough album”…”with PowerSolo Crunchy Frog has once again signed a band, that smells of international succes.”

Lowcut magazine – music mag
4 out of 5: “The Band has found the right balance between humour and hillbilly twang, and the songs are infinitely superior and a zillion times more exciting. It´s Raceday…is a must for rock ´n´-rollers looking for something unique with that strange cow dung smell.”

Urban – daily newspaper
3 out of 6: “Powersolo is a badly needed, exotic spice in the Danish popsalami”…Completely irresistible is the cheery Oak Tree Girl and the unvaluable mexicanahit Juanito

Citadel – monthly magazine
4 out of 6


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