From the Archives: NY and SXSW got a crunchy injection! (by 24. March 2003)

Mid-March saw a crunchy invasion of bands from sunny, but cold, Scandinavia. Mission: To rock the US – first New York and later the same week to get sun ON and BBQ and margharitas IN the white North European bellies, while waiting to play at the music conference South By South West in Austin, Texas.

Well, the bellies never really got a tan (though Austin was hot), but the Americans got what they deserved: Scandinavian kick ass music (much better than the usually lick ass music) – that’ll teach them!

Monday March 10th, the crunchy tunes were heading for the club Mercury Lounge in New York. And what a night it was: crowded, hot and the beers kept on coming! Music delivered by Superheroes, Junior Senior and The Mopeds!

Thursday the same week the crazy Danes and Swedes invaded Texas and filled the club Friends – located on the street to be, 6th St – on the greatest night of all during the fine festival. Junior Senior, The Tremolo Beer Gut, The Mopeds was on the bill for the night – along with the splendid Danish band Powersolo.

Junior Senior was on the front cover of newspaper Austin-American Statesman the day after the show – and the same day The Raveonettes decorated the front cover of Austin Chronicle.

Check out the Danish Rock Counsil, ROSA’s report (only in Danish) on the Danish invasion of SXSW Pakkede huse til danske showcases i USA and Hottere end hot

Here’s a bunch of pix’s – enjoy!

Junior Senior
The dynamite duo and their flock of party people turned up the heat of the room – both in New york and Austin. Besides a great bunch of plain normal people, even label guys and media people danced the night away. Junior Senior’s show at SXSW was filmed by MTV and will be on “You Hear It First” on MTV US in April.

Superheroes was in greatest shape at the Mercury Lounge. Not a dry eye, maybe because of the keen water throwing from Thomas!

The Mopeds
The Mopeds rocked as hell with their charming pop-rock tunes! As always the swedes spellbound the audience with their all-time-present urge to get a crowd moving. This time – for the first time ever -before an american crowd. Let it not be the last!

The Mopeds had brought a new guitarist – Petter, in the absence of Patrick, who usually join the band on stage. And watch out Patrick: Petter’s got a moustache that’ll be damn hard to beat!!

Tremolo Beer Gut as cool as it gets!
Jengo and Per Sunding both flew in for this one gig, so they only needed to add beer to get the place heated up as they went on as last band in Austin! Nalna was stand in for Sune Wagner from The Raveonettes – and showed that Crunchy is full of excellent guitars!

Their power country rock was more than welcome in Texas. Actually it ain’t getting more steaky than this – “they rocked” as an pissing American in the toilet called up a friend to report!


The funny funny guys from Junior Senior on their reputation of being all fun: “It’s true…it really is!”

Sweet liquor eases the pain! Junior, Superheroes’ Asu and Thomas C!

Like girls, the Swedes just wanna have fun! A rare moment captured on camera: David and Jens of The Mopeds pretending to be sober!

Former bass player in Crunchy band Tothe International Matt Caldwell of Austin, Texas knows how to suck up a Margarita…as a native Texan, he is practically grown on margaritas and BBQ!

Dining with the stars of tomorrow…or is it today? Well, there’s your answer to what these Danes are living on: All doped and high on crack! superheroes’ Thomas Troelsen and Lars opposite Senior and the fortunate US manager of both superheroes AND Junior Senior, Mr Ian Zaider.

Chuyi’s in Austin invaded by Crunchy people…sweet Margaritas keep the doctor away!

All photos by Jessica Tolf Vulpius


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