From the Archives: Learning From Las Vegas is now a trio… And on to new territories! (by 21. January 2004)

Learning From Las Vegas is now a trio… And on to new territories!
Following the great reviews of last year’s brilliant album “Richard and Liz” it´s now time for Learning From Las Vegas to teach the rest of Scandinavia how to Rock ‘n’ Roll! Crunchy have signed a license deal with Virgin Records which means the album will be out in Norway and Sweden in mid February. To support the Scandinavian releases, Learning from Las Vegas just played a very successful concert in front of a packed and swinging audience at Fritz´s Corner @ Debaser in Stockholm. On the 13th of February the band will play in Norway at the BY:LARM festival in Bergen.

Currently the band’s new radiosingle “1989” is out in Denmark and will follow in the rest of Scandinavia, and the video to the previous single “The Only One” will be tested on MTV Nordic during the first week of February (remember to vote!).
But things don´t stop here for our ol´ Crunchy favourite band: We are working hard to release “Richard and Liz” in the rest of Europe this spring as well, and after that … who knows? Las Vegas!

Finally Learning from Las Vegas started 2004 by announcing that they are henceforth a trio as former semi-attached member Jesper “Fzat” Sand (of THAU) decided to leave the band after having done excellent guitar work on the recent album. Las Vegas is back to the trio set-up as they have been in long periods of their carreer. They had their re-but as a trio in Stockholm and also brought some harddisc tracks featuring some samples, keys and strings. The effect is really great and sets a great mood for their poignant love songs.
The band will take their time to treat the danes with their new live-show in a small string of double concerts with Tiger Tunes. Here are the dates:

23.01.2004: Randers, Café von Hatten.
26.02.2004: Esbjerg, Tobaksfabrikken.
27.02.2004: Horsens, Kulisselageret.
28.02.2004: Haderslev, Månen.

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