From the Archives: Heavy Trash and Powersolo — Pictures from MärkBar and Vega (by 20. May 2005)

Mr. Jon Spencer was in Copenhagen on a sunny tuesday, May 3 — a week before the release of his Heavy Trash album. We had the chance to buy him a drink at the cosy local hangout spot, Märk Bar and did a pre-release listening party there. See the pictures and also check some great photos from FlowerPolo’s ripping gig at Vega.

Jon Spencer was playing at Vega with Blues Explosion this evening. But before showtime he settled for a draught beer an enjoyed the exclusive Heavy Trash pre-release reception at Märk Bar.

Nalna (left) and Jon Spencer talking.

Bo ‘Atomic Child’ in a rare, surprised moment.

From left: Nalna, Jon and Jessie.


PowerFlower was personally selected by Jon Spencer as the support act in Copenhagen and at Blues Explosion’s other Scandinavian gigs. Well, that’s pretty amazing to play alongside this legendary live band. Of course the PowerTrio (on this occasion they played as a quartet with additional bass by Nalna) was proud and made a great show for the home audience. See the footage by Michael Callesen below. It’s showtime!

All pictures courtesy of Michael Callesen (

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