From the Archives: epo-555 signed to Crunchy Frog! (by 3. June 2004)

epo-555 on Crunchy Frog

The absolutely coolest label in the universe is very proud and honuored to announce our new band in the crunchy familiy: epo-555.

After months of beating around the bush the signing finally took place on June the 2nd at the local bar “Isbjørnen” near the rehearsal space and studio where epo-555 recorded their first album tentatively called “Le Beat’s On Fire”. Actually it was a firm demand fixed in the contract that Crunchy Frog had to buy the band a round of beers at this very bar. On the jukebox was Neil Young singing “Tonight’s the Night”. It was beautiful. It was meant to be!

epo-555 is one of the most brilliant and exciting indie-bands in Denmark at the moment. Their sound is truly unique, fresh and original mixing all kinds of great musical genres like noiserock, country, electronica and shining beautiful popsongs with poetic and political lyrics. In short epo-555 is the most cunning band in the world drawing on the same musical qualities as Bob Hund, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, The Flaming lips, The Velvet Underground, Calexico and other cool cats.
epo-555 was formed two years ago in Copenhagen and has since then gained respect and attention on the danish indie scene resulting in an ever increasing fanbase and numereous fine concerts. They will give performances on this years Roskilde Festival, Spot 10 and of course on our very own VibraCrunch6. Give a very warm welcome to this great band and watch out for more news soon!

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