From the Archives: epo-555 in Pan-Atlantic Live Action!! (by 27. February 2006)

epo-555 does South by Southwest, New York and Reykjavik

epo-555 will soon get on an Icelandair plane that will take them to Iceland first and then New York City and Texas, where they’ll be playing a handful of showcases. One of them will be at the annual music industry festival SXSW in Austin, TX. This tour should give them the awareness and interest from the American industry that they need to break through over there. They are bringing with them a brand new album, ‘Mafia’ and the new songs work fantastically live. We feel confident that they will charm and impress the right people.
We’ll keep all of you informed on how the tour goes. Both on the Crunchy site, but also at epo-555’s own and there will be a diary from the trip at

They will be playing on these following dates:

March 9 : Smekkleysa (instore/release party), Reykjavik at 5 pm

March 9 : Grand Rokk, Reykjavik at 10 pm

March 13 : Mercury Lounge, New York at 10.30 pm

March 16 : SXSW, Pecan Street Ale House, Austin at 9 pm


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