From the Archives: Death to the Death Tothe (by 1. September 2006)

Ye olde cassette chaos – never to be forgotten
…is a re-release of the legendary old cassette tape releases that preceeded the band’s first cd “Candy’s Speech” from 1996. The three cassette tapes “In Lack of Gods … Motherfuckers Unite” from 1991, “Bone” from 1992 and “Just How You Like It” from 1994 are comparable in size and matter to three entire albums full of music. And oh what music! Extreme noise-terrorism embrace sweet sweet pop in a twisted lyrical universe, all kinds of weird experimental uses of playtoys, and numerous pop cultural references to B-movies, The Simpsons, Monty Python and Ren & Stimpy.
Death Tothe was all through the nineties a central figure on the Copenhagen indie rock scene and their reckless genre experiments was a strong influence on bands such as Düreforsøg, Murmur (now Speaker Bite Me), Psyched Up Janis, Twang, Spektr and many others. This applies to the early recordings as well as to the later which were released on the bands three albums “Candy’s Speech” (1996), “Steak” (1997) and “The Slow Light Theory” (2000) – the last two under the name Tothe International.
Politiken’s anthology of Danish Rock writes about the phenomena Death Tothe:
“In 1990, inspired by the Residents, Butthole Surfers and Tom Waits, the two THAU members Ulrik Petersen [alias The Great Nalna] and Jesper Reginal alias Yebo formed the unconventional experimental project Death Tothe – the name was taken from the T-shirt print “Death To The Pixies” – along with singer Karsten Schiøler [alias Show] and guitarist Robert Schmidt [alias Bart], with the purpose of bringing together humor, madness and experiment. One year later Mikael Fenger [alias Miko] joined the band as an “abundant” member. He could neither sing nor play, a fact that did in no way limit his contribution through recitation, percussion, theremin, megafon, playtoys, shouting, roaring and beating, and the band was completed with the joining of Anders Reuss alias Nars from Naked. From the start the band tried to dismantle the concert setting by cooking, arsoning and blowing up stuff on stage, as well as by their extensive use of costumes, wardrobes (!), paper hats, child stars, ladders and space ships. Later though, the music increasingly became the main attraction. In 1993 Reuss left the band and was replaced by Torbjørn Slotman alias DødsTor… [etc…]”
Yes, all those memories… and they are now released exclusively as a digital download album called “Death to the Death Tothe”. We have picked out those songs from the cassette tapes, which were never released on cd. We have even found an overlooked pearl “Tha” which has never been released until now! The songs have been mastered directly from the original tapes. The original lo fi sound is in so doing kept intact, although we have optimized the sound where it was possible.
We hope that old fans as well as new listeners will open a bottle of Bockwurts, pour themselves a huge glass of cherrywine, and enjoy these recordings as much as we do.
Get this exclusive release by clicking on this link

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