From the Archives: CRUNCHY FROG & STERLING TOGETHER AT LAST! (by 13. September 2005)

The absolutely coolest label in the Universe is very proud and honoured to announce the new band in the Crunchy familiy: Sterling.

After Sterling’s old label Bird Hits Plane crashed like a plane hit by a bird we saw the opportunity to sign the band. Sterling themselves was as excited about this as we are and wrote: ”It’s not bullshit… The future looks bright, exciting and crisp..”

For the first time Crunchy Frog has signed a danish-singing band, but nonethelessa band that we believe has international potential!

So one beautiful sunny day Sterling came to the Crunchy HQ and signed the papers. There was much joy and happiness and the whole thing was celebrated with a really nice (but lukewarm) champagne that Yebo dug out from some hidden stash of booze.

Sterling is one of the most exciting bands in Denmark at the moment. Their sound is truly fresh and original. In short: We like.

The new mini-album ”Estadio Camp-let” came out August 15th. The cd came to life with help from Morten Bue, Jens Benz (PowerSolo) and Henrik Balling and is a total feel good-project. Sterling have mixed new found confidence with a handful of golden hits, that didn’t get completely done before the recording of their debut album. On the bottom line stands six strong tracks, that reeks of joy of playing and huge talent. With ”Estadio Camp-let” Sterling proves that they are ready to deliver a truly great second album to the world.
First single from ”Estadio Camp-let” is the song called ”Ubesvaret opkald”, which is a Brian Eno tune with Danish lyrics by Steffen Brandt.

Give a very warm welcome to this great band and watch out for more news soon!


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