From the Archives: Crunchy Frog Records welcomes Mungo Records (by 14. March 2006)

The release of “W”
Crunchy Frog Soundtracks and Mungo Records has joined forces to get music inspired by their cool plays into the shops. First result of this collaboration is the release of “W”, music inspired by the play “W – de unge år”.

’W’ is a meltdown of the traditional Nashville sound and Nordic melancholy and is presented as a celebration and reinterpretation of traditional American Country. The album track list contains a mixture of traditionals, new songs and instrumentionel tracks. The alert listener will notice that a cover of B. Springsteen’s ”Adam raised a Cain” is to be found too on the album.

The album is a great group effort by some of the best artists from the growing new-country scene in Denmark. Names like Sarah Hepburn, Camilla Munck, Christian Hjelm from Figurines appears on this record.

“W” in shops now.


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