From the Archives: Crunchy Frog goes mp3 at (dk by 27. April 2004)

Buy all your favorite Crunchy tunes at

April 5th Crunchy Frog joined the new Danish online musicportal This means that from now on you are able to buy and download all your favourite Crunchy tunes as mp3 files directly to your iPOD and harddrive. Cheap and legal!

The online musicshop is owned completely by the participating musicians themselves as a cool independent outlet for their music without the involvement of the cultural imperialists (none mentioned, none forgotten, we all know who they are, the bastards). It´s possible to buy both single tracks and/or full albums. The shop is very cheap and simple – and also totally legal! So don´t expect any threathening proceedings from lawyers here. The shop works like this: Go into, click on the Musikshop banner on your right and choose which artist´s music you want to buy. Get one step closer to those cool sounds from Junior Senior, PowerSolo, Learning From Las Vegas, THAU, Superheroes and all the other from the crisp catalogue by clicking here – Don´t hesitate!



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