From the Archives: Crunchy A-Festival (by 17. October 2006)

Crunchy Frog Co-hosts Alternative Festival at A-huset
As a Crunchy contribution to the Copenhagen Music Week, we will be co-hosting the second day of the A-Festival at A-Huset, showcasing some of Copenhagens’s finest indie bands and artists such as Diefenbach, Epo-555, Snake & Jets’s Amazing Bullet Band and Wolfkin – and also our good friends from Sweden, the talented girls and boy from Revl9n. It’s going to be a razzmatazztic wonder-ride of sweet sweet music from 8 pm to 1 am. Later in the night Kill Your Telly will be presenting the renowned Trentemøller and Justus Köhnke live + DJ MHM One.

Don’t miss this Crunchy opportunity at A-Huset, Islands Brygge 81, on November 1st from 20.00 to 05.00. Come early to catch all these fine bands!

Click here for directions


The two crazy/sexy/cool kids from SAJABB sure knows how to rock the party that rocks the party that parts the rocks and partly rocks your partner.Hot damn they funky!Listen to them white boys playing that funky music at their myspace page.


The newest kids on the crunchy block will once again deliver one of their otherworldly magic live performances. Lars and Kris will be joined by their fab backing band and give samples from their debut album. If you haven’t seen them live yet, then this is your chance. You will never look back. Do it!Check more Wolfkinfo at


Innovative pop, accessible avant garde, whatever. Diefenbach don’t follow the rules of others. Their first and second albums were not very alike, and their third might be different from both. This evening we’ll hopefully get some of their great classics and a sneak peak of the new direction of the band.Check out their myspace profile


epo-555 will play their second Danish show ever with their new singer Linda as a member (this picture has Camilla on it, but we haven’t got a new one – and who’s complaining?). We can’t wait. After the release of the latest album Mafia in spring of 06 they have toured Denmark, Germany and the US – and had a change of female touch. epo-555 is second to none. Make sure to experience them this evening in A-huset.Learn more at


… pronounced Revlon 9. These sweet sweet swedes have just come out with their anticipated debut album in France and the UK (signed to the french Because label). Revl9n have played before at VibraCrunch and their live show is always a treat. The two dangerous girls Maria and Åsa kicks your ass while the even more dangerous boy Nandor(!) well… basically kicks you in the face with his wonderful bass. Scary but sexy. Lovingly evil. Dig!And check the music at myspace

So therefore….

You just gotta come. And you know it. Tickets are sold at the door.


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