From the Archives: C-C-Can’t Can’t Stop the Beat! (by 30. April 2003)

C-C-Can’t Stop the Beat !
First the guy and the gay conquered Europe and now it’s time to invade the US. Junior Senior and Crunchy Frog have signed a big, fat, hairy license deal with Atlantic Records (Warner), which means that our dynamic duo will be available in American stores sometime during the Summer.

After the overwhelming sucess in the UK when the band was released, and a great piece by editor David Fricke in the Rolling Stone Magazine, the band went to the US in March to play at the Crunchy showcases in New York and at South by South West in Austin, Texas. Certainly great shows where even A&R’s and members of the press couldn’t resist dancing along. The interest from labels exploded – and the result is a contract that to our knowledge is the biggest a Danish band has ever signed to an American label – even bigger than the one Raveonettes’ made Danish history with last year. Wuhu!

“We wanna wear the same as Sonny and Cher” our Boys sing on “White Trash” and now that JS are signed to Atlantic, they are on the same label that gave us Sonny and Cher, and a lot of legendary releases from names such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, MC5, Rolling Stones + and new names like The Donnas. It just ain’t gettin’ more crunchy!

Recently Junior Senior appeared on American MTV’s “You Hear It First”, after MTV selected the band as one of three bands (out of more than 1000 attending bands) they wanted to film live at South By Southwest.


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