From the Archives: 2004 Flash Back (by 21. December 2004)

To wrap things up we give you a quick overview and retrospective look on how it all went down and what made this past year so darned great!
Just back from the holidays we immediately saw the signs: This would be a very busy year at the Crunchy office.

The P3 Guld Award show was kicked off and gave us one of the rare and exclusive live performances on Danish soil with The Raveonettes who later won the award as the “P3 Artist” of the year.

The band also performed (as a duo) at the highly anticipated “Danish night” at MIDEM in Cannes.

Learning From Las Vegas won the hearts of many critics with their 2003 release “Richard & Liz” and early 2004 saw The Vegas Boys both touring and releasing their album in Sweden and Norway.

The success of The Raveonettes’ “Chain Gang Of Love” culminated with numerous nominations and a memorable live performance at The Danish Music Award.

PowerSolo released their long awaited album “It’s RACEDAY…and your pu..y is GUT!!!” on the coolest label in the Universe. The first single “Juanito” became “Ugens Uundgåelige” on P3 radio and the video was even funnier.

The never ending “Junior Senior World-Campaign” reached another highlight as the boys supported the legendary B-52s in the US.

As well as Junior Senior, PowerSolo, LFLV and the Raveonettes performed in Austin, Texas during the SXSW festival.

The entire Crunchy-catalogue became available for legal pay-per-download at, while the Vibrashop still was the main provider of alternative music.

PowerSolo did what they do the best: Play concerts! Together with Bob Log III in Scandinavia and afterwards throughout the entire German continent.

The music video for “Oak Tree Girl” made PowerSolo sit next to Muppet Show look-a-likes and was both visually intriguing and extremely hilarious.
Crunchy Frog announced their new signing: Cph-based indie-rockers epo-555.

Both epo, PowerSolo and the Crunchy staff headed for Århus and took part of the SPOT10 Festival. The French delegation of media and industry people later announced that PowerSolo gave one of their absolute favourite shows during the festival.

epo-555 gave a 6-star studded concert at the Roskilde Festival and everybody knew that something big was about to happen.
PowerSolo closed Roskilde Sunday night, reforming the stage to the set-up of the before-mentioned video for “Oak Tree Girl”. Unforgettable…

Otherwise kicking back and enjoying the summer while epo-555 worked hard on their forthcoming debut album.

The 6th VibraCrunch Festival was held in Malmö, Sweden. Great weather, great bands and loads of smiling faces. Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion was the headliner and The Tremolo Beer Gut was better than ever.

epo-555 topped DRs independent chart “Det Elektriske Barometer” for several weeks with their double single “Pioneers/Sugar For The Warmachine”.

Seeing the very end of their N-n-never ending promotion trip for their debut album Junior Senior played the Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo.

Crunchy Frog changed distributor in Denmark, from Virgin to MBO – a new but top tuned player on the Danish music market.

The debut album from epo-555 entitled “Dexter Fox” was released and got rave reviews.

PowerSolo took part in the Danish showcase at the German PopKomm festival while the Danish TV viewers heard “Kat Nazer” every time a certain Knorr-commercial was shown.

The band got signed to the French label Cornflake Zoo, which means that “It’s RACEDAY…” will be out in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain in early 2005.

With kind support from Icelandair the Trans-Atlantic World-Tour gave both the New Yorkers and the Icelanders the chance to see PowerSolo and epo-555 play live.

Two gigs in NYC, one in Reykjavik and lots of sightseeing, meetings, eatings and plain fun was the result of a splendid trip.

Though their next album is still on the horizon, a Superheroes compilation entitled “Behind Our Masks We Are Perfectly Ordinary People” was released in the UK and the band gave one exclusive concert in London.

The 10-year anniversary compilation cd entitled “A Decade Of Crunchy Music – A Sonic Leap” was released and included all Crunchy bands with both hits and rarities.

We also held a great birthday party and in general enjoyed the many greeting cards from all over the world.

After touring Denmark on their own epo-555 was invited to support Swan Lee on their DK-Tour.
PowerSolo was nominated for a Zulu Award as “Best New Act”.

Junior Senior embarked on their next album. Once again Thomas Troelsen is producing. Stay tuned for this!

PowerSolo got nominated for “P3 Prisen” and will also be performing at the Show, which takes place in January 2005.

epo-555 was on the Top-10 list for “Best Danish Albums in 2004” selected by DRs music website.

Junior Senior won the award as “Best Pop Act” on MTV UpNorth.

A deal was made with Bonnier-amigo which means that all Crunchy releases will come out in both Sweden and Norway, starting with the release of epo-555 and PowerSolo in February 2005.

The work on the next The Mopeds record was almost finished and made us all look forward to the new year.

2004 was as sweet as we’d hoped and we’ll do our best to make 2005 even better. Both Junior Senior and The Mopeds are currently recording new albums!

Love and respect.
La Frog Croque.


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