From the Archives: 10 YEARS OF CRUNCH! – if you were not there to bear witness… (by 31. October 2004)

If you have been following this site for the last few months it should be no secret to you that we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this autumn. We have released a double CD with gold nuggets from the past and present and we are also doing a special anniversary T-shirt “J’aime La Frog Croque”. Both can be found at

The tracklist from the CD as well as our thank you notes can be found elsewhere on this site. But right here you can get a sneak peek of the contents of the booklet that accompanies the double CD.

It has been hard to choose and pick the photos in this booklet. We have literally thousands of pictures we’d like to include but space allowed only these. In the booklet you’ll find pictures taken by (among others): Jessica Tolf Vulpius, Søren Solkær Starbird, Marc Fluri, Klaus Thyman, Casper Sejersen, Rikke Petersen, Ian Zaider, Jasper Carlberg, Thomas Busk and some of the band members.

At first we were only going to release our own album with THAU – back in ‘94. But with the help from the good people from Pingo distribution we quickly grew more ambitious and started to help likeminded bands from the Copenhagen lo-fi noise-rock scene release their albums. It was pure idealism and 50/50 deals. One for all and all against the others (corporate rock still sucks). Now, years later, we still have the idealism but have perhaps become less of the rank amateurs we were in the beginning. Luckily the music was enough to pull us through, although for a lot of years we didn’t really know what we were doing. We just kept going in true DIY-style. Goddammit, we used to go around delivering promo records to journalists on our bikes (but only as far as Valby Bakke, thank you very much). It was 3 to 4 years before we even got a fax machine, let alone a modem. And the office was synonymous with Yebo’s changing apartments.

Even though the resources and the budgets were always small the ambitions were always great. Very early on we started to try to get international interest in our releases. It’s never been easy for us to sell a lot of records in our own home country because we’ve always signed artists and bands according to our own taste (and thereby no mainstream shit) and who we feel are original and have something new to say – also globally. On the other hand we have always enjoyed a great deal of support from the critics and a small but growing crowd of music lovers who have supported us and our bands.

Right from the start we had the ambition of building a “real label” that actually represented something – like the English and American record labels such as Creation, 4AD, Matador, Sub Pop etc that we ourselves respected as ordinary music fans. These companies are indeed labels for a particular musical taste and/or certain ideals.

Now it’s a great honour for us to meet people who have the same relationship with Crunchy Frog as we had with our favourite labels. We’ve collected a bouquet of the crunchiest roses that we hope you’ll enjoy. We have enjoyed working with a group of extremely talented bands. We are proud to have released their records. There’s an incredible amount of other people who have helped us from time to time, and we have written a thank you list elsewhere, but we send a special thought to Jessica who has helped us – unpaid at first, underpaid now – through all the years. She is the 5th crunchy frog.

Looking forward to the sequel “2004-2014 The Golden Years”.

Roffe, Fzat, Nalna and Yebo




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