Junior Senior breaks the silence!
For the first time since well, a very long time ago, the fabulous Danish duo release a brand new track and convince us all that it was worth waiting for.
A new 7” vinyl single, entitled “Itch U Can’t Skratch” is released on March the 7th and it definitely sets a high standard for the band’s forthcoming album…which is not that far away!

This exlusive single release is only available in Denmark and has already made it as Ugens Uundgåelige (a.k.a. Single of the Week) on Danish Radio P3.

On March the 5th Junior Senior will do their first live performance in Denmark since well, the last time they did a live performance in Denmark (which is actually quite a while ago). D-D-Don’t miss the boyz playing “Itch U Can’t Skratch” at the Danish Music Awards 2005 – tune in on DR TV at 8 pm!

The song’s got both that unmistakable “Junior Senior-feel” (we all love so much) and a new sound to it as well, which shows the bands musical development over the past years. After touring in almost every corner of the world and the worldwide release of their debut “D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop The Beat”, Junior Senior went back in the studio and began work on new material.

This new dancefloor-filler is the first sign of what to expect of their next album, and it leaves us all with great hope for the future of Junior Senior.

Place your order now at the Vibrashop and stay tuned for more JrSr updates.

Want more? Get yer ticket for this years Roskilde Festival now, ‘cause “you-know-who” will be playing…Go Junior! Go Senior!

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