Vibracrunch 06 – Oh Yeah!!
Saturday the 14th of August at 14:30 will be when this year’s Vibracrunch Festival will take place as part of Malmöfestivalen in beautiful Malmoe, Sweden.

As always we promise to give you a full day of some of the finest Danish and Swedish music around, so don’t miss it!

We are happy and proud to announce the following acts, to appear on the festival:

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (US)
This great band has been one of the most respected, popular and critically acclaimed acts on the indie scene since the early 1990’s. Jon Spencer and his two band mates play catchy, anarchic and noisy rock ‘n’ roll. This band simply delivers the best freakin’ live show on this motherfuckin’ planet! Read more about them here

Moon Gringo (DK)
A very talented and catchy Danish indie favourite. Their brilliant new album Ingrid Superstar is out now. Go wear your Dirty Underwear! Learn more about this gorgeous band at
Money Your Love (DK)
This new sensation has surprised everyone with their stunning electroclash sound and great up-beat performances. Frontman Lars I Lommen is also part of Junior Senior’s band, where he does splendid backing vocals. Their debut album will be out in August on Drama Kings Records. Drama Kings
Tiger Tunes (DK)
The energetic blend of Commodore 64-inspired electro sounds and a dangerous kind of rock ‘n’ roll is quite a cocktail. However, the tigers deliver sounds so infectious that you can’t help dancing along on their terms – have a go! Tiger Tunes
Sterling (DK)
The former Gangway songwriter is their biggest fan. Their record has been recorded with Kliché’s old beat box. The Danish lyrics are about red wine, light sabers and love.
They are from Jutland (now with home field advantage in Copenhagen). They play unpretentious rock in a mixture between trash and “the good melody”. They are extremely sympathetic, but time and again they end up in verbal fights – what is there not to love about Sterling?
Talking to Teapots (S)
Since the beginning, back in 1989, Talking to Teapots has grown from a dreadful boyband into one of Sweden’s most cozy indie-lo-fi-rock bands. Last year Teapots played Emmabodafestivalen, which led up to the release of their debut EP; “Are You Talking to Teapots?” talking to teapots
PowerSolo (DK)
Powersolo may be a power trio, but in this case the prog-metal acrobatics of rush are replaced with something they call “donkey punk.” Two tremolo-loving chicken-scratch, rail-thin guitarists Kim Kix and Atomic Child. And drummer J.C. Benz playing his trade on just a snare, bass drum, and floor tom. But the fact that this exercise in B-movie punk-a-billy is coming from Aarhus, Denmark, adds plenty of delicious cognitive dissonance. “The next song goes out to Grandma. It’s called “Stupid Little Bitch!””
Bob Log III (US)
The fiercly one-man-army Bob Log III is playing primitive & cool blues-punk and noise rock distinguished by Latin-styled drum machine beats and vocal pressed through telephone microphones. Expect some crazy shit when Bob Log enters the stage wearing his motorcycle helmet and grabs innocent girls from the crowd to jump on his knees during the show.
Learning from Las vegas (DK)
This all time favourite Crunchy band delivered one of last year’s best Danish albums – the shining Richard & Liz. Since then the band has toured in Scandinavia and regrouped into a mighty trio, where their beautiful love-songs really come alive. Don´t miss their new line-up and live show.
epo-555 (DK)
epo-555 is one of the best bands on the Danish indie scene right now – and Crunchy Frog’s newest signing. The Copenhagen based group has a truly unique sound that combines roaring noiserock, alternative country, electronica and beautiful poptunes with poetic and political lyrics. The result is astonishing and orginal and is inspired by bands like dat politics, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, The Velvet Underground, bob hund, Flaming Lips and Calexico
The Tremolo Beer Gut (DK/S)
Armed with their Hawaiian shirts, ties and vintage surf-rock the good ol’ Tremolos are back in action! This highly missed band is always a popular crowdpleaser, when they fire up their furious guitars and light their cool cigs.
Sandy Mouche (S)
The lovely Swedish band, Sandy Mouche plays gentle indiepop with a twist. The group flirts with their view of the idyllic French; The Riviera, red wine, worn out yellow piano keys on a detuned piano and warm coloured colduroy suits.
Niccokick (S)
Niccokick was formed in 2001 and consists of five guys from Skaane, Sweden. They play energetic and tuneful indie/retro pop that will make Neil Young and Stephen Malkmus faint of envy.
Radio LXMBRG (S)
Radio LXMBRG’s musical influences range from simple pop and bombastic movie soundtracks; they create their music as a summery of musical genres ranging from the fifties and up until today. The band uses four elements – Analogue, Digital, Acoustic and Sampling. Their songs are performed by different vocalists.
Practical Stuff!
This map shows the excact location of the site. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Central Station.
For Copenhageners it’s nice to know that the trains back to ol’ CPH departs every hour all through the night. It’s free and no tickets are required – so just turn up in time to soak up all of the splendid music!

You can buy beer and food at the site, and of course records and t-shirts from all the bands that have any. As a special note to all the beer loving Danes. A couple of years ago it was OK to bring your own beers right into the stage area at Bastionen. It is no longer allowed in respect of the people that have the concession for selling beers. So if you bring your own beers, then you have to sit outside the fence while drinking them. Sorry for this inconvenience, but as the festival is in general free you may be able to afford a few beers.

Look out for much more info about this extraordinary and much anticipated day – It’s crunchy, it’s crispy & it’s coming soon!


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